SAP refers to System Applications and Products in Data Processing and it is the most popular ERP software in the world. It offers various modules, useful in managing almost all business functions. SAP ERP helps in developing solutions that facilitate effective data processing and information flow across organizations. Using it allows businesses to create a centralized system that allows every department to share data.

Important Modules of SAP:

The SAP ERP is a vast software tool and it consists of 25 modules useful for different business purposes. However, not all of these modules are very useful in businesses. To further now about these modules, one can visit SAP Learning Hub. Given below is a list of the most popular SAP modules that are beneficial in business and offer great career opportunities.

Financial Accounting:

The Financial Accounting module stores the financial data of an organization and helps in analyzing the financial conditions of a company in the market. Furthermore, it is the backbone of the SAP ERP and it can integrate with other SAP modules.


This is a key module useful for supporting, coordinating, monitoring, and optimizing all processes in an organization. Furthermore, it includes recording both the consumption of production factors and the services provided by an organization.

Sales & Distribution Management:

This is a core functional module in SAP ERP that permits organizations to store and manage customer and product-related data. Moreover, it helps in managing sales orders, shipping, billing, and invoicing of their goods.

Material Management:

The primary objective of this module is to ensure that materials are always kept in proper quantities. It covers all tasks within the supply chain, including consumption-based planning, planning, vendor evaluation, and invoice verification.

Customer Relationship Management:

It helps in dealing with various end-to-end customer-related processes. Furthermore, it connects all of your customer-facing activities and offers specific benefits to each of your teams.

Human Resource:

SAP HR helps in managing all the employee-related data for administrative, time-recording, and payroll purposes. Furthermore, it provides strategic, innovative solutions for core HR and payroll, time and attendance, talent management, Etc.

Career Opportunities in SAP:

SAP is a beneficial ERP software that provides modules for each and every business function. Therefore, many companies use this ERP solution to deal with different business functions. SAP offers innovative technology and improves cost efficiency. In addition, it facilitates advanced data management, upgrades transparency, and helps avoid duplication. SAP allows companies to perform better analysis and forecasting and enhances data security. Starting a career in SAP can be extremely beneficial and rewarding for those who have a passion for information technology and business administration. Every module in SAP can offer you various promising career opportunities. Furthermore, it provides you with a good salary package and makes you eligible to work with some of the leading companies. Many institutes provide SAP Training in India and one can enroll in them to start a career in it. Here are some of the job opportunities you can explore after learning SAP.

  • SAP consultant.
  • SAP ABAP consultant.
  • SAP FICO consultant.
  • SAP SD consultant.
  • SAP ABAP developer.
  • SAP basis administrator.
  • SAP project manager.
  • SAP Hana architect.