SAP (Systems, Applications & Products) Certifications for developers are evidence of programming proficiency and product expertise. Additionally, each certification is based on an SAP Learning Journey, which concludes with a certification exam. Further, if you get certified and earn a digital badge, you can profit from the significance of SAP Certification. When you acquire its legit certification from SAP Learning Hub, you can profit from online, collaborative, hands-on, and expert-led learning to drive professional growth, enhance performance and entrust innovation. Further, these certifications prove your aptitudes and competencies around SAP software, as well as offer other tangible advantages, like enhanced earnings potential and greater job satisfaction. Once you’ve picked the SAP career path for you, check out the open certifications and start preparing to earn admiringly valued credentials that set you apart in an overcrowded market.

Steps to prepare for SAP Certification with SAP Learning Hub:

Today, you can either follow traditional classroom training or you can subscribe to SAP Learning Hub, SAP’s cloud-based learning forum for professionals, and study with self-paced materials and cloud-based training techniques. Further, it only needs 5 simple steps to follow:

Step 1: Discover your Learning Journey and Certification Exam-

Subscribe to SAP Learning Hub to check functional Learning Journeys and certifications. Learning Journey characteristics suggested training materials to train for a certification exam. 

Step 2: Be a part of Learning Rooms on SAP Learning Hub-

SAP Learning Rooms are adequate knowledge communities on SAP Learning Hub. Further, in SAP Learning Rooms, qualified trainers and leaders help you to drill for your certification and answer your questions. However, in several SAP Learning Rooms, extra webinars and info sessions for certification practices are offered.

Step 3: Reflection with Self-Paced Learning Materials and Practice-

Initially, study the suggested training materials on SAP Learning Hub to train for your SAP certification exam and hold track of your progress. For multiple topics you have the choice: You can either train yourself with interactive e-learning courses or read flipbooks.

Step 4: Review your Knowledge and Collaborate with Other Learners- 

On SAP Learning Hub, you will find multiple assessments, quizzes, and sample questions to review your knowledge. Ensure that you use those to review your readiness for certification. Collaboration and interaction with other learners and trainers allow you to deepen your knowledge.

Step 5: Book Your Online Exams- 

This is the final step in preparing for SAP Certification with SAP Learning Hub. You can take 6 additional online exams or you can take one exam up to 3 spans. 

What are the notable benefits and features of taking SAP Training from the SAP Learning Hub?

SAP Learning Hub allows you to build and support SAP solution skills for any role with online, collaborative, hands-on, and expert-led learning across the SAP resolution portfolio. Here 

are some of the advantages and features of taking SAP Training from SAP Learning Hub:

  • Construct and maintain SAP skills- Upgrade your skills with digital activity across the SAP portfolio. Stay up to date and stand out with the validated skills of an authorized SAP specialist.
  • Endeavor career growth with SAP expertise- Enhance performance and productivity with the crafts you require to effectively drive innovation and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Learn on your terms- Profit from learning anytime, anywhere, in the manner, formats, and length that work finest for you.
  • Discover anytime, anywhere- Accumulate unlimited access to enablement content, in numerous formats and languages Access thousands of e-learning courses, e-books, tutorials, and more. Join social learning communities across an expansive range of SAP product areas. And improve your skills or train for certification exams.
  • Follow expert recommendations- Visualize your knowledge path at a glimpse. SAP Learning Journey directions help you fast find the right courses and materials to meet your learning objectives. Thus, these guides show you all courses and material available on essential matters. So, you can set explicit learning goals and track your training advancement easily.
  • Training on live learning systems- Accumulate hands-on practice on live SAP education systems. Opportunities to acquire hands-on practice on live, preconfigured SAP learning systems with data for completing course activities in SAP Learning Hub.
  • Remain current with your skills- Obtain your skills acknowledged and hold them up to date. Prepare for SAP Certification exams and maintain your skills with the latest SAP inventions.


From the above discussion, it is clear that SAP Certification is gaining supreme importance in the IT world. Moreover, learning it from SAP Learning Hub makes it more manageable to comprehend as it is easy and explained in everyday language. Thus, with the help of SAP Training, one can take benefit of this opportunity for a position with more responsibility, better compensation, and opportunities for advancements in a growing market.